Hello internet,

i am not sure if my problem is an issue of my drivers, or teamspeak or just a problem of my internet connection. But since i want to make sure everything is fine on the Teamspeak side i'd like to know if there would be a solution anyone knows.

Windows 8.1
Teamspeak 3 (3.0.16)
Realtek HD Audio (Driver
My Headset is a Soundblaster Tactic Alpha
hope these are the infos you need

The Problem:

My Voice sounds very stuttering for the other users on TS. Its very annoying for my friends (they say, i sound like a robot and am not understandable by any means). This problem occurs irregular from time to time and lasts barely longer then 30 seconds. Other then these occasions my voice sound fine and i got no problems. Very interesting is, that i am still able to hear the voices of my friends, when i am a robot again and that i usually dont get kicked out of the game we play. So my ping seems to be fine then.

i really think its my internet connection what causes this problem, since i have other troubles with it. 3-5 times per day i seem to loose internet connection, allthough i dont get the "no connection" message, its just that the browser tries to load the site for minutes, until the connection is fine again.

That i can hear my friends while i'm a robot is really strange, what lets me think it maybe not the internet connection but my pc. The other possibility i am thinking of, is that there is a problem with my upload only and not the whole connection shuts down. But i got a new modem and the connection still exists. So either its a problem of my ISP (maybe a capacity ovedrload on the PoP in my road) or its a problem of my PC.

So dear community, does anyone has an idea what i could try? If you need more information let me know!

Really hoping someone can help me