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    Teamspeak3 reduces sound - WITHOUT VOLUME CONTROL PLUGIN

    This doesn't seem to have been answered yet:
    Teamspeak 3 is lowering the sound of other applications every time a person speaks.
    BUT,(And before I see it again for the 100th forum post) there is no "volume control" plugin.

    • There is NO "volume control" plugin
    • "Echo Reduction" and "Echo Cancellation" are not ticked.
    • "Automatic voice gain control" is not ticked.
    • The option for windows to "automatically adjust the volume" is not ticked.
    • The option for windows to "Allow applications to take exclusive control" is not ticked.

    This issue only occurs with Teamspeak 3. I've used vent, and even the steam voice chat - no issues.
    Using client version: 3.0.14 14

    Any sound from Teamspeak 3 seems to cause the issue as well. (ie: changing channels, user entering, leaving, etc..)


    Cause it's SUPER annoying. I can hear a definitive 'pop' every time it happens too.
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    Your bump will not help if nobody has any clue for your issue.

    I don't have any clue for this if everything else was checked before.
    Maybe it will help you if you switch capture and playback from "Automatically use best mode" to "Direct Sound"

    Also please update your client to the latest version 3.0.16
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    This is usually simply improper configuration of the audio driver. We had that multiple times already.

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    Thumbs up Issue fixed here

    Repair/re-install, with latest version didn't work (issue carried over to latest version), as well as switching to direct sound and back. Also, it wasn't the audio driver. Sound issue persisted with USB headset, and through the sound card I pulled from another computer.

    However, I searched the computer and found 'TS3Client' in the 'C:/user/appdata/roaming/' folder, and deleted it. I had to go back and set everything up again, but it fixed the issue.
    I'm assuming something leftover, a plugin from whatever teamspeak was using previously, was being loaded in from there and was causing the issue. I'll guess it just didn't deactivate properly, or a previous update didn't clear everything. Whichever the case, it's gone now, and the issue is fixed.

    Just posting again if anyone has a similar issue, that's what solved it.

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