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    [Request] Interface to control a client

    Hello everyone!

    After searching the forum and search engines for about 20 hours in total now I decided its time to ask for professional help

    I'm trying to do what I thought would be a very simple thing:
    Controlling my TS3 client (running on a monitorless mini-computer) via my own application that controls my light, music, heating, projector, you name it.
    Actually I just want to join any specified channel on the server I'm on with my TS3-client.

    The only thing I found was the QueryClient plugin, that at least allows me to see the available channels.
    As I couldn't find any interface or plugin that can do this, I desperately tried to use the hotkeys function in the TS3-Client to bind them to the channels, and simply executing them with a script
    (AppleScript in this case as I'm currently on OS X, but in the future would like to do it for linux and windows too if possible)
    The problem is that at least with Apple script the Teamspeak 3 client blocks the "keystroke" commands I can send as a System Event to it.

    Is there ANY external way to join another room, preferably with a feedback, like a TCP connection for example.
    Plugins, other means of automation?

    Thanks a lot for any ideas!


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    If the client query doesn't do it for you, you can always create your own plugin with its own network connection it listens to and then do anything a plugin can control (such as switching channels, kicking ppl (if permission allows), sending messages and much more) on whatever command you wish.
    I've never actually looked at the query plugin in detail so I don't really know what it's capable of right now.
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