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Thread: TS3 encryption

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    TS3 encryption

    So in the Knowledgebase you state the following:
    TeamSpeak 3 uses state of the art cryptography for authentication, making a huge leap security wise as compared with TeamSpeak 2.
    So my follow up questions to that is;
    • What system are you using GPG? other?
    • What's the keylength?
    • What are you using when "increasing security level" of an identity?

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    Dont think Devs will give out this internal data.
    What is know is that TS uses public/private keys and one of the SHA algorithm.

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    Let's put it this way:
    If they won't then the encryption is inherritly broken, since it shouldn't matter what they are using for the key derivation algorithm, or any of the other questions I asked in the first post.

    They have every reason to disclose this information if it's done right, and practically none to not do it(since we already know from their knowledgebase article that they are using public key encryption).

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