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    Question Not capable of handling Ranks?

    I was just speaking with friends in a guild I used to belong to, the guild owner in fact, and they had to drop the number of ranks in their guild because "TS is too unstable to handle" a complex ranking system. I am currently the server admin on a server where, for no apparent reason anyone can identify, the TS has taken away my ability to assign ranks and other minor problems. The only recommendation the server host has is to destroy my current TS and spin up a new one. If the problem is that TS is not robust enough to handle the organizational structure then we will again be right back where we started. I have other questions involving my permissions for my ranks, but I am putting this one here now:

    Can TS soundly handle 35 Server Groups spread across 23 grades? (Some grades have identical permissions but separate designations. Some grades have identical permissions and designations but separate icons. I was forced to separate the identical designations by placing a period at the end of certain ranks, the smallest change possible without being overtly visible.)

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    35 SG doesn't sound too much my server has around 70 server groups and never had any problem with it.

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    I have seen servers with more, one in particular usually has nearer 100+ server groups, and there is no problems with that.

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    in my server we got a server group for every LoL champ xD + a huge list of fun server groups its almost 230 server groups and it all works like a charm

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