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    Grant/Revoke talk power buttons on toolbar error

    Found what appears to be error, not sure how long its been around though (client = 3.0.16 on Windows 7 x64). I have the grant and revoke talk power buttons on my toolbar. When I select any user they enable, even if channel is not moderated. Clicking the grant talk power button creates an error: "<14:24:36> invalid parameter", no more details in client log that I see. I notice that the right click menu on users only shows Grant talk power when the user's talk power is < than the channel's needed talk power and they have not been granted talk power (clicking grant on a user that was granted talk power does not cause the error notice though).

    I think the grant/revoke talk power buttons on the toolbar may need some review as to when they are enabled or not, I would guess they should be enabled if a right click on a user would have them visible in the menu. This should result in both of them never being enabled at the same time.

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    I think we should add a check for "Grant Talk power" only and not for the other 2 buttons.
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