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    Trouble with Clientquery Plugin - Disconnect from server

    Hey guys

    Im searching now for loong long time and idk what to do...

    Atm im writing on a small program for myself to do some stuff in the TS3 Client over the clientquery plugin...
    Most stuff is pretty simple to use and does already work, but i didnt find a way yet to disconnect a connection to a server...

    Am i blind or is this function missing?

    I only have found the "quit" command to disconnect the client query connection and i found a solution to close the TS3 client, but there is no option to only disconnect from a server...

    Any ideas?

    Best regards and thanks in advance


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    it seems that there is no functionality to connect or disconnect from a server.
    in the example where the python programm is connecting to a server it doesn't even use the clientquery for it. instead it just creates a "ts3server://..." url and executes it.

    the only way i can think of right now is, that you could kick yourself from the server using "clientkick reason=5 clid=YOURID", but you would need the permission to kick clients obviously.

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    Okay thank you for the information and answering my question Goreki

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