Hey, guys

Could you please consider logging all attempts to add users to server groups even when they are rejected.

you currently log when users are added or removed from groups, but any client can repeatedly try and add themselves or other clients to any server group and they will get a permission denied message, but none of those attempts are logged.

If someone is trying to add themselves to server groups and trying all groups, I would like to know why they are looking for holes or vulnerabilities in my system and at least confront them about it.

Systems like linux ssh or mail, log all attempts and failures so the culprits can be dealt with usually with firewall rules. Having the failed attempts in the teamspeak logs, could lead to automating firewall rules for users trying to abuse teamspeak servers.

Currently the only way I know to identify these types of users is to create an important looking group to tempt users and let them add themselves, but they cant remove themselves, this catches some, but then it leads to being abused for fun and that defeats the purpose.

Logging the failed attempts would solve this issue, and would help make teamspeak more secure.

Thanks for considering this suggestion.

Bob (SgtRWE)