Hi all,

First of all sorry for the time i am going to need for this. I'am Dutch and my English is not good en of to understand some things i need to know in this explanation for TSDNS

I wanna setup my teamspeak IP'S + ports to a (non IP adres "TSDNS")

The example like i planning to use is "name.FTS4Y.com:"port"

I got 10 servers running on a machine, that have to be setup total from the beginning.
There is nothing ready yet from the TSDNS. Never touched the map TSDNS before.
Only tried to understand the usage.txt but found out my English is to horrible to understand it .

Hopefully somebody can help me here in Dutch or English with some screenshots or own made tutorials. Because all the tutorial i found are German about this subject.
And getting a big headache from trying to understand it by reading it several times.