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    ServerQuery server group isntead of ServerAdmin?

    So i recently got permissions of a server admin which allows me to add server groups. I wanted to create a group which won't be accesible to everyone(every normal user) but only for server admins(that only server admins can choose to give it to someone and other users can't) but for some reason when i'm trying to create a group in permissions window, my drop-down menu looks different than other server admins with the same rank as me and i have: regular group, template group and serverquery group isntead of normal group, serveradmin group etc and because of that i can't create server admin group(cause it isnt visible in the dropdown menu) and i can't make serverquery group either cause it says that i have insufficient permissions, even though i have the highest possible amount of permisions. Attaching picture so you can see what i mean :c Halp!

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    You'll want to select Regular group, and from there you should be able to make your server group. Regular groups are the groups you see on the actual teamspeak server ie Normal, Server Admin etc, Template groups are templates and Query groups are for groups that access the server via query eg using telnet

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    Also, don't use server query groups for your regular client. This will destroy your server.

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    Dont think he has access to ServerQuery.
    @OP: Per default the highest access in an TS instance has the query user "serveradmin", not a regular "server admin group" user.

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