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Thread: packet loss

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    packet loss

    I'm using a stock Verizon Galaxys5. I seem to be experiencing packet loss on 4G or Wifi regardless of signal strength. I'm not rooted, no anti-virus, no memory managers, no battery monitoring apps.
    When I talk the other users on the same server say my audio is dropping out. Sometimes when I'm just listening, the audio will drop out too. I've tried this on a couple different Wifi routers and access points at home and at the office. I even changed the channels on the Wifi access points to see if that was an issue. I'm mostly using PTT button instead of vox
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    Same problem on HTC One M8.

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    try this

    use it on the TS server IP wait for the "sent" to reach around 100 packet and post results here

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