There is a high Bug if I use the two sql files to perform the upgrade for mariaDB.

It will crash all Channelnames and Servernames with special Charsafter executing the
first sql-file (convert_mysql_to_mariadb) and the secound one (mariadb_fix_latin_utf8)
just does nothing.

This is not good because many clanes uses very special cars and this means that your
sql is highly inconsistent and not compatible with that.

I also can't reproduce the error with latin1 and utf8 error because mysql uses InnoDB and
latin1 only if the script or software don't say: "Hey, use utf8 instant of latin1."

So all of my tables are ut8_general_ci and there are no problems (only the problem with
the server_query_group but this is not for this topic).

Hopeing now that you can fix it to prevent such damage on the names (it includes "=" too).