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    [HELP ASAP] Can't Connect to server.

    Error message:
    <20:55:32> Trying to resolve hostname
    <20:55:32> Trying to connect to server on
    <20:55:37> Failed to connect to server
    Things Ive Tryed that have failed:
    - Connect directly to a IP.
    - Turn off all firewalls.
    - Delete then Re-Install (x3)
    - Create New Identity
    - Check Plugins for anything that is turned off.
    I am on MAC OSX: TeamSpeak 3 Version 3.0.16. I need this problem to be FIXED ASAP! I am not the only one with the issue! It was working fine one hour then the next day it just stopped. Out of no where.

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    You were obviously disconnected because of illiteracy (and crossposting).

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    Quote Originally Posted by alicialockette View Post
    OMG Me too! Mine cut off 3 days ago! I feel so alone please help this is also my log
    I tried everything he did I deleted all my identities and deleted everything teamspeak and re installed it 3x
    even more i restarted my modem

    here is the log

    8/30/14 20:32:33 ClientUI Info Initiating connection:
    8/30/14 20:32:33 ClientUI Info Connect status: Connecting
    8/30/14 20:32:33 TSDNS Info SRV TSDNS found at ""=>"", but could not find TSDNS server there
    8/30/14 20:32:33 TSDNS Info SRV TSDNS found at ""=>"", but could not find TSDNS server there
    8/30/14 20:32:38 ClientUI Info Connect status: Disconnected
    8/30/14 20:32:38 ClientUI Info Failed to connect to server, want autoreconnect = 0

    The only work around I have discovered is to use the IP address of the server your trying to connect to. Anything else gives the failed to connect message. Mavericks has a DNS issue evidently.

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