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    Bad microphone quality in mic test.

    I just purchased a new mic (Audio Technica at2020) and the audio quality on teamspeak is not that good. I expected better because I have a friend with the same microphone who sounds a lot better on teamspeak. The problem is that it sounds low quality when doing the mic test, apart from what my friends are telling me, so I don't believe its a bandwidth issue. I've been looking around for a solution but haven't found any, I've tried messing with the settings but still to no avail.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Did you or anyone ever figure this out? I have the same mic and have tested it in Audacity and it sounds fine but sound not great in TS3 when I do a playback sound test.

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    I am having this problem too...My mic when being recorded by audacity or windows sound recorder sounds clear as heck. But on teamspeak when I try to test it it sounds way different and bad!

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    Same issue here, same microphone too!
    My thread regarding the issue, maybe you can try version 3.0.7 like I did to see if its clear.
    Hopefully we hear something about this soon!

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