Okay, so....

I've read through quite a few posts and decided to register an account to actively question this.

Default Manual Groups, Smaller access group and Channels they are allowed in...

What I currently have is a 30 slot server with and auth reseller.
I have an obligation to the people who have the server to keep it password locked for their privacy but prior to that I used to use it for like 2-3 people.

Now that I've made the groups, ("Admin", "Mod" (op), "Gamer"(Default) and now "NON-MEMBER") As the server itseld requires a password to enter, and the Gamer group being the default, I have manually assigned 3 people who I'm friend with outside of the server access to the server group "NON-MEMBER". If I only want them to be able to access the
default welcome room" and "Ignore this room, not used for group" channel..... how would I stop then from being able to access the other 15ish channels?

I have read about power but still can't comprehend how it works completely and how to edit it.

How would I assign a certain group "1" without exceeding "100" and make sure they can't enter the other channels in the group?