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    PTT / Mic Mute Question

    Hello all..

    I have a question and I cant seem to find information on this, but not quite sure how to search for it (maybe), so I figured I'd explain my situation so my question is clear..

    I run 2 TeamSpeak clients at once.. One client runs my personal server for gaming etc, the other client is for a forum I moderate..

    On my server, I use voice activation to speak because I'm not much of a chatterbox and it makes it easier in a game to say stuff without needing a button, so I don't wish to change this.

    The other client I use for forum moderation, uses PTT which is set and isn't able to be changed as the server is configured this way.

    What I am hoping to do, is set up a hotkey that is my PTT button for my forum TS client, but when I press that button to talk on that client I want it to also MUTE my mic on my other client only while the button is held down. Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance..

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    It should work if you use different hotkey profiles.
    In one profile you assign Y as your PTT Button and use this profile on the forum server.
    In a different profile you create a hotkey to mute your microphone on key down for Y and then add another one to this profile that says key up for Y to enable microphone. This profile you'd use on your private server.
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