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    Just aquired a really nice set of Sony MDR1-RBT's. They work perfectly in every other application for VoIP (skype etc), but when i have them connected and start up teamspeak, ALL sound just dies on the PC. I notice they have two profiles connected: Audio sink and headset. The headset profile sounds like an 80's phone, the Audio Sink is proper hifi quality.
    If i disconnect the headset profile, the sound comes back, but now TS can't see the microphone, as that's part of the headset profile!

    I've tried the various settings of output devices etc. nothing seems to make a difference.
    I can use the headset with my old table microphone connected just fine, aslong as I dont connect the headset profile to the PC.

    I was hoping not having to carry that old mic around to LAN's anymore :|

    Noone? :`(
    Bump for great justice!
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