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    Interoperability between "normal" and SDK client/server

    First of all, thanks for releasing the SDK to the public. If I can recall correctly, in the past you had to apply somewehere to get it.

    Now onto the problem.

    I've spent twenty minutes trying to connnect the "client_customdevice" example to my TeamSpeak 3 server, only to find out, that this is impossible, after reading this post. This renders the SDK useless for me.

    Is there a specific reason for disallowing SDK connections to "normal" servers? Are there any plans to change this? If not, will there be a new SDK, which would allow for exactly this?


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    Quote Originally Posted by phvcky View Post
    Is there a specific reason for disallowing SDK connections to "normal" servers?
    Yes, because the SDK is missing the majority of the server features, e.g. permissions.

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