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    Create an alternative Server


    we've got a TS3-Server with a NPL for 10 virtual hosts. I want to make an alternative Teamspeak if our primary Teamspeak crashes, so my idea is to copy all the files of teamspeak from the primary host to the secondary host and just start it.
    Would this work or will this cause a problem with the existing server-instance?



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    NPL is IP bound so yes it could create licensing issues

    technically speaking Teamspeak is very stable (been a server owner/technical manager since 4 years now) never had an issue with teamspeak itself most downtime was caused by 3rd party reasons like DDoS, VPS going down etc...

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    yeah, the problem isnt Teamspeak, but the Server crashes from time to time - DDos etc...
    What i hate: the server our teamspeak is running on is a managed server, so if there is a problem, i have to contact the support and this takes sometimes 1-2 days so i would like to have the 2nd TS running on my root...
    is there a way to copy the complete content of ts (channels, config, members+groups etc) without license problem? :O



    OK, i looked up for the NPL-rules - it seems, there is no way to get a second NPL 'cause i got already one for my project - so i have to agree with 1-2 percent downtime/year...
    i would be happy about another solution but i think i will first only take a normal 32 slot license...
    thanks anyway

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    These "my totally unimportant 10-slot server is DDoSed all the time" posts on this forum are getting on my nerfes. Noone on this planet DDoSes random servers. If you prefer managed servers from a company that takes days to do stuff over doing something very easy yourself, how can you be able to judge if DDoS or not? I don't get that.

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