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    Right Click does not work

    Just within the last day or two here, I haven't been able to right click on anything in TeamSpeak. I was running version 3.0.14 when I first noticed the problem, and promptly updated to 3.0.16. No dice. I also tried a full re-install of TeamSpeak.

    My right-click works everywhere else (Chrome, desktop, other various programs) and I can't think of anything new that I've installed recently.

    Left click does work correctly, and middle mouse click works correctly. I don't have any bindings set to my right mouse button either. If I use the Menu key on my keyboard I can access the context menu, so the context menu isn't broken, TS is just not recognizing my mouse click for some reason.

    Any ideas on how to fix the issue?

    Windows 7 x64
    Teamspeak 3.0.16

    Anything else just ask, thank you for any help.
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    Having excactly this problem, no idea what to do

    Had a background process running called handyande, i quit that and right click worked again
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    This problem has since gone away, if I remember correctly a computer reboot solved it. I didn't have Andy the Android Emulator (which is the source an exe called handyandy.exe) installed at the time I was having these issues, but i did install it later and didn't notice any issues

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