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    Question Setting up enjin TS3 module pointing to custom TS3 server

    Greetings all,

    I got a TS3 server running in my windows box, and im trying to enable TS3 module to query and displays TS3 server channels and logged people.

    - i see ts3server_win64.exe running with ports:
    TCP: 10011
    UDP: 9987

    - i have port-forward in my router:
    UDP:22222 --> 9987
    TCP:22223 --> 10011

    People are able to connect to voice OK.
    But Im getting "Error" in enjin popup displaying "false" in popup body when i press save. Screenshot of error here:
    Name:  enjin add ts3 module.png
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    Ive been googling more info and found the following:
    • followed guidelines in, and got the following config now on my server: IS this correct ?
    • Server log: I just connected with TS client to my TS server - in same machine - and TS3 client > Tools > Server Log > displays "04-09-2014 13:42:22 VirtualServer Info listening on" not sure if this is correct ?
    • Also added 1 line in query_ip_whitelist.txt with Enjim query source fixed IP (as suggested in the enjin support link above).

    Can you please help/suggest me what do check/do ?

    Thank you so much,

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    If you censor all relevant info, no info from us for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by numma_cway View Post
    If you censor all relevant info, no info from us for you.
    That was not nice new on this community and only posted here after googling and reading lots of things trying to figure out what could be the problem.

    Im Software Engineer, and I know whats relevant when reporting technical problem.. so please instead of trolling on my problem.. just tell what you missing to know, share suggestions and request more information of any kind as im technical nerd enough to provide any information.

    Thank you

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