Greetings all,

I got a TS3 server running in my windows box, and im trying to enable TS3 module to query and displays TS3 server channels and logged people.

- i see ts3server_win64.exe running with ports:
TCP: 10011
UDP: 9987

- i have port-forward in my router:
UDP:22222 --> 9987
TCP:22223 --> 10011

People are able to connect to voice OK.
But Im getting "Error" in enjin popup displaying "false" in popup body when i press save. Screenshot of error here:
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Ive been googling more info and found the following:
  • followed guidelines in, and got the following config now on my server: IS this correct ?
  • Server log: I just connected with TS client to my TS server - in same machine - and TS3 client > Tools > Server Log > displays "04-09-2014 13:42:22 VirtualServer Info listening on" not sure if this is correct ?
  • Also added 1 line in query_ip_whitelist.txt with Enjim query source fixed IP (as suggested in the enjin support link above).

Can you please help/suggest me what do check/do ?

Thank you so much,