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    TS3 UDP/TCP packets limits and specifications ? (to optimize firewall)


    today we got a ddos attack on the teamspeak port
    our host ddos protection kicked in after sometime but the issue now is when a user starts talking he get OUT packetloss (i think its counting the legit UDP as flood or something)

    right now am trying to optimize the firewall (CSF) even more but i need to know the packets limits and specifications like:
    - Max UDP length.
    - Max packets per second.
    - Any flags? etc..

    information like that so i can optimize the firewall settings will be appreciated


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    Try something like this:

    Accept UDP only 9987 (or any other port where you also have ts), packet size 1 to 600 bytes.

    Block incoming UDP port 19, 53, 123. chargen, dns, ntp respectively.

    Of course csf is local iptables but these rules should help a bit... assuming your provider has enough bandwidth.

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    thanks all ports blocked except the ones needed by TS
    the issue is the attack packets size are around 300~450 so setting it to 600 wont help :/

    my provider got external firewall so am setting the rules

    but an official reply from the devs would be great some actual rates would be awesome

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