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    Overlay Plugins with Windows 8 and Star Trek Online


    I had teamspeak 3 on my computer with windows 7 and I had no problem with the overlay plugin working with Star Trek Online. Now with Windows 8 I cannot get it to work. I've tried re-installing the client with both 32 and 64 bit versions. I checked all the settings it will let me change. I get no red warning saying it failed to load. It does not however work. Can anyone help me? I would greatly appreciate the help.

    Thank You

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    which overlay are we talking about?

    In case of Overwolf, please head to the forums.
    In case of any other third party overlay, please contact the author directly.
    When sending PMs please make sure to include a reference link to the thread in question in the body of your message.

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    Thank you for your response. I'm talking about the "TeamSpeak 3 Overlay (ts3overlay API 20)" plugin that is downloaded buy accessing the "get more plugins" link on the plugin page in teamspeak3 client. It was the plugin on the Teamspeak website that was needed to work on STar Trek Online. I'm trying to avoid installing overwolf for the plugin as it has always had the issue of causing the game to crash periodically. Thank you very much for your time sir.

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