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    Server not receive CLIENT_META_DATA from android client

    1. I use Server (c++, based sdk 3.0.2), that normaly receive meta from clients with same sdk (c++).
    2. But, when I connect with client based on android sdk (c#, sdk 3.0.10), meta is not received.

    Here is client method declaration in c#:
    [DllImport("", EntryPoint = "ts3client_setClientSelfVariableAsString")]
    public static extern uint ts3client_setClientSelfVariableAsString(uint64 serverConnectionHandlerID, uint flag, string value);

    This is sdk versions conflict or other problem?
    Can anybody help me?

    Best regards,

    I call ts3client_setClientSelfVariableAsString(CLIENT_MET A_DATA) before startConnection.

    That update meta method:

    void UpdateMeta(UInt64 sv, string meta)
                uint error = ts3client_setClientSelfVariableAsString(sv, (uint)CLIENT_META_DATA, meta);
                if (error != ERROR_ok)
                    LogIt("ts3client_setClientSelfVariableAsString failed: {0}", error);
                error = ts3client_flushClientSelfUpdates(sv, IntPtr.Zero);
                if (error != ERROR_ok)
                    LogIt("ts3client_flushClientSelfUpdates failed: {0}", error);
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