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    Teamspeak hacked or maybe I'm just retarded?

    About 15 minutes ago I was playing with my friends on Ark: Survival Evolved. I was in their Teamspeak server and something weird happened. Someone started broadcasting some really weird stuff. Think of the song "Tiptoe Through The Tulips", It was just as creepy. When I went to back out (Which was very fast), I noticed that non of our mic icons were lit up so none of us were broadcasting anything. There were only the 3 of us in the channel. So I'm wondering if the server was hacked or maybe somehow the lines got crossed. Think, Using a walkie talkie and you pick up someones phone conversation. I don't know really. Some or any input would be nice on this. We all heard it and backed out at the same time. Thanks everyone!

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    I don't see any relationship to a hack by just hearing someone sending music.
    Someone may have used the whisper feature and whispered to your channel.

    Whispering can be restricted via permissions (contact an Admin) or by your own settings under Tools -> Options -> Whisper.
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