Hi, i would to take some help with a Ts3 issue.

My laptop has got own microphone and speakers but they are in same place. To talk with TS3 i have configured to talk with the laptop microphone and hear the sound with an external earphones.

The problem happens when i start a video, music or game while i'm on ts and the sound of all other apps are heard from the laptop's speaker. This is really annoying cause my friends can hear what i can, producing a lot of noise.

I thought it was my notebook or windows' problem but when i disconnect from channel i can hear all from the external earphones even if i see videos, music and games at the same time.

I would like to hear both TS3 sounds and all other programs' sounds from my earphones.

Sorry for my bad English and thank you so much.

PS: My computer has got Windows 7 home premium and i got 3.0.16 Teamspeak version but it neither worked in 3.0.14 version.