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    How to restrict access to a certain channel???

    We have an officers room within our ts server where as "only officers" (server admins) should be able to join, but anybody can join this room & it was not set up like this initially, but now all of a sudden anybody can join our officers room. How to i get the settings straightened out to where "only server admins" can join this one particular channel??? Thanks in advance, cheers from the east coast.

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    I would set the channel's needed join power to 75

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    Alright so, First off , lets say you have server admin!

    So, follow these steps

    • Make a channel > Right click on the Default Channel and hit create channel > Then hit permeate, and enter a name to it > Now hit Ok
    • Now, make another server group, lets call it "Officers" under normal group. After doing this, make sure you go to Advanced Permissions
    • Now when you have advanced permissions on, Click on the server group and type in "i_client_subscribe_power" (Without the " ). Now make this around 70.
    • Now after this , type in "i_client_join_power" (Without the " ) and make this around 70 also.
    • Now finally, go to the channel you have created > right click on it and hit "Edit Channel" Going to the channel permissions tab under edit channel, and for the join and subscribe make this 70, and now you are done.

    If you have any problems please feel free to PM me on the forums or, re-post in this forum.

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