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    Question Missing customization options and suggestion for clientinfo.tpl

    I am currently working on a style that would greatly benefit from having the possibility to reposition the status icons (Away, Microphone muted, Speakers/Headphones muted) as well as the client avatar. I noticed that this question has been asked quite a while ago and I was wondering if there is an update on this issue?

    It would be great having some variables along the lines of


    Even being able to use absolute positioning on these elements would be a step forward.

    Also, the output of %%CLIENT_CONNECTED_SINCE%% tends to get quite long for users (like myself) that leave their client connected for days and even weeks. The words "hours", "minutes" and "seconds" seem a bit redundant considering that pretty much everybody is familiar with date/time standards.

    Would it be possible to have something like %%CLIENT_CONNECTED_SINCE_SHORT%% that would output something like "DD days, HH:MM:SS"? Or maybe even giving style creators more freedom in formatting the string with a set of variables along the lines of



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    suggestion for channelinfo.tpl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glen348 View Post
    but I did manage to make things work for my new up coming skin called Mechanicalized. Soon to be released. heres a pic of the avatar area position.
    That's pretty neat! It looks like a good alternative until we get official support for this. Would you mind sharing your solution?

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