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    Reporting a abusive Admin

    Hi I have some issues on a server and was wondering where I can report like admin/server abuse kicking/banning
    For no reason?

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    This forum is for technical support, for social issues you'll have to contact the server admin

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    Server Admin abuses power

    Hello please review this server.
    The server admin abusing his power.
    Sincerely: Davick
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    We do not own the server and we do not host any server.
    And it's non of our business to solve social issues in our technical forum.
    When sending me private messages: Please make sure to include reference link to your forum thread or post.

    TeamSpeak FAQ || What should i report, when i open a client thread?

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    Horrible Teamspeak Owner

    The owner of the Teamspeak Server IP "removed" or "removed" has been using people's IPs, as I've known of, 2 people, one of them is my old friend and the owner who has been doing this is named Jack F. Dunford. He used my old friend's IP, which his name was ShireKappa on teamspeak and then all Jack and his friends did was take that IP to find out about where he lives, Swat him, and find out about his mother's name and instagram. Really personal information... He also did this to me a few days ago... He took my ip because all I said is that we aren't using certain channels on his server and he took my IP, and told his friends, which were my old friends, to distribute it on 4Chan and which they did. He also used a free booter to ddos my IP. So please ban this guy and his server! They are all a bunch of ddosers!

    Edit by mod:
    Don't get us wrong but we are no host and we are not the police or the law. We are a tech forum for technical questions about the product.
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    Report this TeamSpeak Server

    Good Afternoon,

    On this server they are invitating people and them they start trolling and asking money, also they give a lot of warez url.

    This is a toxic server.


    Insult people, and try to extort.

    Please do something, thank you.
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