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    Question [Need help] Simple user support system.


    I had a look all over the forums but couldn't find any addons to the TS3 or any help about setting up a support system.

    The thing I would like my server to have is if a user enters a certain channel, the admin with a certain admin rank gets notified of his presence in the channel. Is that possible to do with the permission system or a built-in TS3 feature?

    Thank you for your interest & help in advance,

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    this is possible with Bots like:

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    Thanks, I'll try to use that.

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    Just a question

    I Just made a server because the old one i was on got shut down and i have a channel called Requesting help is there anyway that when someone joines Requesting help that the admins could be poked saing Someone has joined requesting help?

    + When someone muted there sound how could i get them to be moved to a afk?
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