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    [Suggestion] to add flexibility to member add/member remove permissions.

    Currently member add/remove power is what it is no matter where it comes from. I propose two additional permissions which for legacy and compatibility reasons would be enabled by default on all groups of all types upon the server upgrade to the supporting version. (example names obviously if this gets accepted it would be what ever the developers what to call them)



    The basic details are that if they are both selected, it means the member add/remove power assigned from that channel group or that particular server group can be used to assign/revoke server groups and also channel groups.

    What does this mean?

    As you know, typically the server group with the highest amount of member add power is what you end up with (unless negate is used). Well if you have a server group and you untick or remove the b_channel_group_member_powers permission, that essentially means that any member/add power obtained from this server group will not be counted when assigning channel groups to people. So if a user has two server groups assigned, one giving them 50 for member add and remove and another giving 60 for add and remove, you could remove or disable the b_channel_group_member_powers permission and that would mean the user can assign and revoke server groups to people with a power of 60 available to them, but when they try and assign channel groups to a user it would ignore the add/remove power from that server group and default to the next highest power which in this case would be a power of 50 for add and remove.

    So this means you can ensure someone can assign server groups and make sure they do not have that high of power to deal with channel groups.

    Alternatively you could have a channel group and give it a member add/remove power of 75 and untick or disable the b_server_group_member_powers permission and since channel groups are only assigned one per channel, that would mean the user would have 75 for member add/remove power when dealing with channel groups, yet would be totally unable to assign server groups based on this power and would thus have what ever member add/remove power obtained by the highest server group to deal with adding people and remove people to server groups.

    Why would this be useful?

    You can then give people channel groups and know they cannot assign server groups to people based on the power they have from the server groups. This allows much more flexibility since member add/remove is capped at maximum 75.

    It also would be useful to give people server groups which have add power, but ensure they can only use them to assign server groups to people and not manipulate their own or other people's channel groups (especially useful in community servers where there are lots of server groups and the desire for privacy by preventing certain staff members from messing with people's channel groups.

    Adding this feature would not negatively impact any servers both present or future new servers because both permissions would default to enabled. The descriptions of the permissions could be very simple like:

    Disabling this permission prevents this group's member add/remove power being used to alter a user's server groups.
    Disabling this permission prevents this group's member add/remove power being used to alter a user's channel groups.
    Perhaps you can think of areas this would be nice to have? I would try and set this up so that people who have their own section in my server only have channel member powers (from their channel group rank) so that they cannot go assigning server groups to people. Then have a channel where I give member add/remove power whereby verified people can enter and assign server groups only, thus preventing them giving themselves powers over the channel that they entered (from channel groups being assigned) or having global add power that could be used to manipulate channel groups of people in any section (since the add/remove power is on the channel it's self thus being globally effective).. This would add a lot of flexibility to the system without disrupting current functionality in any way.
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    We will not split this into channel and server group permissions.

    We rejected this already. So why another thread for this topic
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