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    High packet loss

    Hello, I'm have some trouble with packet loss on my ts3. It just started to happen yesterday. As far as I know I've done nothing to cause this. I'm running Verizon DSL. The thing that's weird is it only seems to be happening on TS3, I go on skype or ventrilo and I don't have any issues but after being on ts3 for a little while my packet loss jumps to 40% ~ and it's only under the 'in' category, not out, and it because very difficult to hear anyone. They sound distorted and kind of robotish. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

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    Check your router / modem etc.. ? maybe anti flood function ? (happens with TS3 on some routers since TS3 is UDP base traffic sometimes it trigger a false positive)

    so basically check firewall/router settings

    also do

    someone with the issue should do it during the issue put the IP > hit start > wait till sent reaches 100+ > stop > save as text > post here

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