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    default voice encryption setting for new channels


    I've been franticly searching them permission settings since it seems to be the place where such a setting would be if there was one. But since im unable to find it, and any information relating to it other then that it was changed in beta 29 or so, I'm here to ask if I'm just missing it, or it its something fit for the feature requests department.

    I would like to configure my server in such a way, that when users connect, there would not be a list of channels with wacky names preconfigured but that they would be able to create their own channels as the users require them. I am a fan of encrypting voice data, and i would like for this to be the deafult for all new channels created, temporary or otherwise, but i dont want to force it on anyone. If they want to talk unencrypted, that option should be open for modification.
    So far I've only found how to force encryption globally, and how to leave it open for configuration by the channels creator. Can't seem to figure out how to make encryption the default though.

    Is it possible?

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    You can not set encryption as a default for new channels, while this setting is optional per channel in your server settings.
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