My personal teamspeak setup contains my speakers and a usb microphone using voice activation.
Loud ingame sounds or music was no problem, thanks to echo cancellation working really great.

But a few days ago i tried to record something with audacity and since then echo cancellation stopped working.
Could not find anything on this issue (on this forum or via google), so I hope, somebody here has some clues for me.

Using Windows 7.
Teamspeak Settings:
Playback Mode: Best Mode
Playback Device: Default (so, the same as in games or foobar2000)
Capture Mode: Best mode
Capture Device: Default
Echo reduction, echo cancellation and remove background noise are activated.

I think, it might be audacitys fault, but since echo cancellation still fails without audacity being started (and hence, some settings in windows might be wrong?), I thought I should ask here for advice.

(Using Teamspeak in general still works good, just if my ingame volume is too loud etc, the voice activation kicks in...)

Thanks for any clues on where to look or help, what might be wrong!