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    Hint admins about the complain list

    It would be great to have some hint/info or even better a configurable sound that would note the admins about a user added complaint in the complaint list.

    This would be most helpful if f/e the client could check for new entries every so and so minutes automatically.
    Permission errors could be avoided by letting the rule initially check the permissions for that before doing it.
    Also it could be opt-in only so you'd have to activate it in the settings or by the favorite-entry just like "show query clients" where you could select a check interval.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Kind of like offline messages have an icon at the bottom, maybe they could add an icon that shows there are new complaints since it was last checked/since they last logged in?

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    Yes, even that would be better than now.
    But of course I'd prefer a more obvious notification.

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