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    Write new security level to disk upon increasing level.

    I had an identity increasing it's identity in my linux VPS and something happened, the vnc was all messed up and I was forced to reboot the server. Last time I checked the identity was at 39. Now the identity does not even exist because TeamSpeak client was not closed gracefully. So I have lost about 15 days worth of CPU cycles. This is a time and CPU intensive task, each time your identity gets bumped up a level it should write that to disk so.

    So this is my recommendation.

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    Nobody needs a security level that high!
    Identitys are saved only, when you leave the identity dialog with a normal click on OK.
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    I know how it works now. This is a suggestion to help prevent data loss. I have had an already established ID that I was raising the level of and I was forced to reboot my server or TS crashed one or the other and the level was back at it's starting point. It only is logical and makes sense that when you raise the level (a highly time consuming process) that it should save the new level to file. Otherwise that is like writing a large document without saving it and wondering why it's gone when word crashes? But what did they do? Implement an auto-save feature and a backup feature so you can recover unsaved documents. All I am saying is when you raise a security level it should write that new level to disk.

    There is no point in recommending things if all you are going to do is just find any fast way to just hit reject without there even being any discussion from other people. Instead of giving me a reason why this suggestion is a bad one, you just told me how things are currently and rejected it. This thread is not about how things are now, this is a suggestion to improve the future.

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