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    Spotify Requests/DJ Bot?

    I was on a TeamSpeak server where they had a music bot, and it allowed you to type a command (#spsearch i think) and a song/artist name, and the bot would give the top 5 search results from Spotify along with their urls. Then you could type another command (#sprequest or something) followed by the url and it would start to play that song. also, you could queue songs, check the queue, skip songs, and it limited how often you could give it a command and how many songs you could have in the queue. I asked them where they got it, but the person who got it/made apparently no longer came on, and no one else knew. I've tried for a few weeks now to find it or something similar on the forums and other places online, and have had no luck. Does anyone know of a plugin or even instructions on how to do this? I'd really appreciate it.

    TL,DR: Anyone know of a Spotify bot that can search for songs and their urls and play/queue requested songs?



    EDIT: I have a premium Spotify account, so it doesn't need to bootleg the connection or anything

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    Also, if anyone knows how to make one that would be great too.

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