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    Overwolf plugin issues (x-post from overwolf forums)

    Sorry to drop this here but we are getting nowhere on the Overwolf Forums.
    Long story short, something has changed with TS3 or with Overwolf and the TS2 control plugin is not working correctly.
    Basically there was an update to Overwolf early September and the Notifications and Channel information stopped being available.
    The launcher works and will pull up the full TS but it no longer displays ingame the list of people in the channel or the notification of who is talking. When we pull up the control widget we still get the option for the full TS but the notifications and the channel have red "!"marks and say that the Control Plugin is not working. This is making me think that the issue is more with the Control Plugin than the Overwolf application.
    Seeing as Overwolf is now your "official" overlay I was wondering if you knew of these issues? I know that they (Overwolf) are their own company and that you have no control over their application however I was curious if something changed in the Control Plugin API that perhaps the Overwolf team was not aware of.
    Thank you for reading this and Mods, please just cull this if it is not appropriate.

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    Thanks for posting this. Please stay updated in the thread you linked on the Overwolf forums.

    If you are having this issue, or any other issue, the best thing for you to do is to contact us at [email protected] with your logs attached to it. You can see this guide here on how to get them.

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