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    Task Scheduler problem

    Teamspeak server version:

    I have my own server (Windows 2008 Server Web Edition) and every day he restart on 7.30 AM.
    I created a task for teamspeak server on the task scheduler to restart the teamspeak server on 7.45 AM.
    The task starts with "without user connected" and it works, but...
    if i try to connect me on the teamspeak server it fails.
    I have only to launch the distant access to the microsoft server, and i can connect.
    Is there a parameter i have to add in the task scheduler ?
    Please give me some help.

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    I have the same thing with server maintenance reboot one per week, I installed my ts3.exe as a service and configure it to autostart, that solved the problem for me.

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    i'll try this
    thanks for the answer

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