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    Lightbulb Easy Music Bot in Teamspeak.. the full story (includes spotify, slacker, pandora....)

    First off i would like to mention that there is no Teamspeak Plugin to make this work as seamless as this does...

    Second is that there is a program called Virtual Audio Cable that you need installed on your system... im not going to tell you to buy it but im also going to tell you not to use the demo for anything other than to test that it works... theres a very annoying voice that says demo every few seconds.

    Third is that you will have to sacrifice your system sounds im sure there are workarounds that im not going to get into in this walkthrough because i dont use it. reason being that most games (Which would be the only sounds i wanna hear in the first place while also listening to music) allow you to pick what the sound plays through from what i have seen.

    now on to the easy part

    Step 1- Download teamspeak Here
    -INSTALL IN A DIFFERENT FOLDER ON YOUR C: DRIVE not in program files... just install it away from the other teamspeak and name it "TS3 Music Bot" or whatever you want its just easier to identify. and change the start menu name as well if needed.
    -MAKE SURE TO SAVE INSIDE THE INSTALLATION FOLDER! this will keep the settings seprate as well
    -go to start>all programs> TS3 Music Bot and right click Teamspeak 3 Client and click properties then add a space and "-nosingleinstance" without the quotes to the end of the target.

    ___REASON FOR STEP 1____
    simply to allow this teamspeak to run in unison with the other teamspeak with its own settings.

    Step 2 - set up your Virtual Audio Cable
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    Those are my settings you only need 1 VAC setup though

    ___REASON FOR STEP 2___
    give your system something to loop through

    Step 3 - open up your normal teamspeak client first then the Teamspeak Music bot second (yes in this case order matters) on the music bot client change the microphone input to line 1 VAC and the leave it on voice detection with the bar all the way down... (this is so when nothing is playing it doesnt broadcast static.
    - in playback turn both the volume sliders all the way down and apply...

    LAST - right click the volume on your task bar and go to playback and set the default to line 1.

    there you go the simplistic version of a music bot in 3 steps and from this point you can simply go to whatever you want too and whatever you play will be broadcast.. i repeat whatever is coming through your system will play through teanspeak so mute whatever you dont want teamspeak listening too.. i think you know where im heading here...

    thats right if you dont wanna deal with that hassle programs such as winamp let you change the output. and in this case you guessed it just set it to line 1...

    i hope this helps i know i had a H E double hockey sticks of a time trying to do this simply without hassle and this is the easiest way i know to get what i want broadcast done.

    please give me feedback ill be glad to help
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