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    Ban and kick log

    Is there a way we can have a own log for bans and kicks, not like the server log, i mean personal ID log.

    So if i get kicked, it get's on my ID log. and only the person with the right permission can see that log. and the log can be whiped by person with permission?

    I fell like the ban and kick should have a personal log.
    Since people can be banned and unbanned many times, and from this idea i can make a rule "if banned more than XXX ammount of times, is a perm ban" or other things.

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    No, it shouldn't. All is in the server's log and it's fine there.

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    Like Barungar said, logging to server log is fine and will stay.
    Besides, this is nothing a little shell scripting can't do.

    grep -rn -e "ban added .* cluid=" /path/to/ts3/logs
    gives you all the bans added for a specific user, through the right click ban option (in fact it will return any bans where a unique ID has been banned). All you have to do then is some awk magic to split them for the different users and put them into separate files.
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