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    Lightweight teamspeak

    When I game and want to voice chat with teammates, my only option is ventrilo. Nobody likes to use ventrilo since they think it's dated, and frankly it kind of sucks. I'd love to hop on the teamspeak bandwagon, but it consumes so much more of my resources it lags me. Even in old games like Mount & Blade, or FOnline games. I'd like to see a lightweight version of teamspeak for those of us with wooden computers. All your fancy features are nice but jesus, it really affects the frames per second.

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    SSE2 will soon be required which will cause TS3 to stop supporting wooden computers anyway. Every computer with SSE2 is supposed to be able to run TS3.

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    On the other hand there are people constantly posting on this board asking for more features to be added. Then they get mad when the devs turn them down. They have to balance desires like the OP's too.

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    I'm pretty sure performance is priority for the devs.
    However, the typically most relevant features are configured server-side, which the client needs to be able to comply to.
    SSE2 for example is both relevant for encoding and encryption.
    For issues with wooden computers, I'd for example find it more adviseable to just turn off encryption for a wooden channel.
    It can't really be solved by developing a different client: If the server demands encryption, the client has to encrypt. Now it could be argued for there to be a larger range of encryption options with different demands to performance, but see, all of a sudden we're bloating stuff again.

    Another notable thing is the "Echo Cancellation" Option, which can just be deactivated.
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    I think background noise reduction, echo cancellation and voice activation all add some cpu load. I like just plain old Push to talk.

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    Yes and all of those features can be turned off. I personally use the noise cancellation one due to my background noise but I do notice a 3% increase sometimes in CPU usage.

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