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    Autogrant poke power

    Hello there,

    I will try to explain what I want to do in as simple way as possible. So on our TS server Guest (server group) cannot send Poke to others (so we don't have that many trolls that disturb us when we are playing coops in 40 people or so). To get rank that Guest have to talk with server admin to get it. What I want to do is create channel with some kind of permission, that will allow that Guest to send Poke to everyone on server, not only on that one channel. On that one channel everyone with Guest will be able to send Pokes and that is my goal.
    Is that possible? Thanks in advance.

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    the poke permission on your server is deactivated (poke power = -1; negate = 1) for guests.

    To grant users the permission trough a channel permission, simply set "i_client_poke_power" of this channel for example to "50".

    Note that there should be no group with a "i_client_needed_poke_power" > "50". If you set "75" guests in the rooms still can't poke you.

    But now you have to remove negate of the permission ""i_client_poke_power"" of your guest group. This way it won't overwrite.

    If you need further help you can contact me at any time.

    Best regards

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