Request - Whisper to client's with chat command

I have a request for a plugin that I would like to use in conjunction with my server's Music Clients, this plugin would whisper to clients if they feel that they do not want to use another client to listen to music freely and can alternatively send a chat command to force the Music client to send a whisper.

Help - Development

If no one is up for a request then I would like to develop this type of plugin myself and if possible have a couple pointers to point me int the direction I should go in in order to get something like this complete. I currently only have experience with little C++ and a bit of python knowledge, in terms of programming knowledge I'm a bit on the weak side, but I am learning.


I'm not to sure if it is all entirely possible to simultaneously send whispers to multiple clients at one time visually or though some other type hidden functionality of the Teamspeak 3 SDK. Commands such as !yt and !command and other such commands with other plugins happen and request the client to do specific tasks. So what are the odds of having the one client broadcast to other clients on command? If this is not a possible plugin then may this thread be locked and dammed.