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    What is the i and b at the beginning of permission names for?

    So I have been setting up TeamSpeaks for a while now and I just want to get to the bottom of this question I always have!

    So on all of the permissions it has:

    i_(then the name)


    b_(then the name)

    What do the "i" and "b" stand for because it seems there is not rhyme or reason.

    Please and thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by permissiondoc.txt
    What kind or permissions are there?

    Boolean Permissions
    These permissions can only have two values, true
    or false.


    From the name of the permission you immediately see that it a boolean permission, since it
    begins with “b_”. After this prefix is the actual name of the permission, which should give
    you an idea what the permission is about. In this case the permission controls if you may
    change the virtual server name. If it is set to true, you can change the virtual server name,
    if it is set to false or not set at all you can not edit the virtual server name.

    Integer Permissions
    These permissions accept integers as values.


    From the name again you can see that it is an integer permission, because it is prefixed with “i_”.
    The actual name of the permission, channel_max_depth in this case tells you what this permission controls.
    In this case it controls how “deep” channel structures you may create. So if the value is set to “0”,
    it means you can create only top-level channels. If it is set to “1”, you can also create sub-channels.
    Set to “2” you can also create sub-sub-channels and so on.

    As with many permissions that have no logical limit i_channel_max_depth also has a special value of “-1”
    which means there is no maximum depth limitation for channels.

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    as I was typing this question I had a thought that is what it was, but thanks you are a jewel! am I able to close my own thread?

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