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    Server Group Hacker

    Earlier today I had a guest in my server and the guest was able to set their server group to server admin. How do I fix this? I am new to teamspeak and I really do not want people being able to give themselves server admin privileges.

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    there could be many causes for this problem. Because the Teamspeak permission system and especially the advanced one is very difficult to understand as a non-experienced user.

    We actually can't really tell you the reason why this user got enough permissions to get this server group.

    That's why i recommend you to work with an experienced user until you're able to work in the permission system yourself.

    Please don't modify permissions you don't know exactly what they do and how they work. You can use the standard teamspeak 3 permissions system it's set up perfectly.

    If you need further help you can contact me at any time.

    Best regards

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