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Thread: Lost connection

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    Lost connection

    So I have this problem,I'm using TS every day and I never had this problem before.It all started 5 days ago when my TS just crashed,I thought,maybe it's a server issue so I didn't care too much.But then it became a regular thing,it crashes constantly,heck it even crashed while I was typing all of this.Here look what it says after it crashes:

    <16:10:31> Connection to server lost
    <16:10:32> Trying to resolve hostname
    <16:10:32> Trying to connect to server on
    <16:10:37> Failed to connect to server

    I get no popup,no nothing.I'm running Windows 8.1 and the latest version of Teamspeak 3.It's worth mentioning that it crashes when I'm playing games and when I'm not playing games

    Please help!
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