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    Not able to rightclick

    So recently I've found that I can't right click on users on TS3, my right click button however does work and works on everything but ts3, I fixed this problem last time by re-installing teamspeak but it then came back and I didn't change anything to do with teaspeak, any help with fixing this I'd be grateful.

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    Post Right-click menu issue

    I've experienced that when I try to open the right-click menu in TeamSpeak3 (Version 3.0.16 Qt Version 5.2.1) it doesn't open. Only when I make the TeamSpeak3 window inactive by clicking on the Desktop or anywhere else an then directly right-click in the TeamSpeak3 window it opens. So : TeamSpeak right-click doesn't work ; window.inactive right-click works.

    Does anyone have this problem, too ?
    Hope I have explained it well.

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    Nobody from us can reproduce this.

    We had such topic and it was resolved -> An Android Emulator did block it, when both programs where running.
    Maybe you both use the same hardware and driver and or one of your tools/software blocks it.
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    Problem right clicking in client.

    I can't right click in my teamspeak client and I have no idea why. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and I still can't right click. It's only happening in teamspeak. Specifically in this area
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    Does anyone know why I can't right click?

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