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    Custom Smileys/Emotes?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong topic x_o. (And i apologize for my naive-ness)

    I was wondering if you could make emotes that you made show up for everyone ?
    Or is this only client sided. Or would I have to send the emotes to whoever owns the particular server and have that person do it? o-o

    I've edited my emoticon.txt and everything shows up fine on my side of the client. No one else can see the emotes though, so it's kind of pointless haha. Bottom line is, is there a way for everyone to see it? o-o. or do I need to send the folder to everyone? (I'm just a guest of the server I'm in btw)


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    Quote Originally Posted by JayPyo View Post
    do I need to send the folder to everyone?
    Yes - otherwise your opponent don't know how the smiley should look like.
    Thats the point why you need to upload a Server Group Icon to the server so each client can download/update it from there.

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    just so everyone is clear, the emotes have nothing to do with the server group icons.

    for others to see the emotes you are using they will need the images and txt file you are using loaded to their system. i would suggest not going beyond the current emote 'trigger strings' included by ts3 so that those that don't use your pack still see emotes, or at the very least if you add more make your you include at least the ones they support so that someone using the defaults in ts3 doesn't cause someone using your pack to not see the emote.

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